Remember Others During this Thanksgiving

This is the time of year set aside for thanksgiving. Indeed, we must give thanks year-round and on a daily basis. I give thanks every chance I can get. In these difficult and trying times when there is so much tragedy and strife around us, we must pause to reflect on our many blessings. But even as we do that, we must continue to keep those less fortunate in our thoughts and prayers. There are those who have been devastated by natural and man-made disasters in Mexico, Florida, Houston, California, Iran and Iraq, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Syria, Las Vegas, Texas, and so many more.

When I began writing this blog, I was going to provide a list of all what I/we should be thankful for, but remembering those less fortunate is the direction my thoughts took. We have all suffered some tragedies in our lifetimes (I have known my own very recently), but we must continue to keep others in our thoughts and prayers, because no matter how bad it may seem, there are many who are less fortunate than we are, and as long as there is life, there is hope. We must remember the less fortunate during this Thanksgiving Season.

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!


3 thoughts on “Remember Others During this Thanksgiving

  1. Kind intend and warm regards Kojo. Everyone at MCCC has much to be thankful for this year due to the support of our community in helping us support our students. I do hope we also keep in mind the struggles of our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock, much has changed for them in the last year and the challenges are not disappearing.

  2. Ed, yes indeed. We need to keep them in our thoughts and prayers, especially during this Native American Heritage Month of November. Our community needs to know more about this, and we have an open date on the evening of November 28 to discuss such issues, if you can join us.

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