Enrollment, ‘Decisions Days’ and our Middle College

Like many other community colleges across the nation, we at MCCC continue to fight the enrollment battle. Our enrollment is much more stable than it is at many other institutions. However, the struggle continues.  Fortunately for MCCC, we have been able to supplant some of the enrollment losses on the credit side with gains on the non-credit/workforce training side, and our dual enrollment/Direct College numbers continue to grow.

Over the last few weeks, I have been privileged to attend “Decision Day” events at several of our local high schools. On “Decision Day”, students declare their post-secondary plans. Yesterday, I was at Airport Community High School, where 46 out of 147 have chosen MCCC. That is over 30 percent — a good thing. Last week I was at St. Mary’s Catholic Central High School where 10 out of about 70 chose us; not bad but could be much better. The week before I was at Whiteford Agricultural High School and Monroe High School, where we had decent numbers, especially at Monroe High School. Two weeks ago, it was our own Middle College, where 84 percent of the students who walked across the stage earned their associate degree from MCCC a week before being awarded their high school diploma. Now, that is success!! Our Middle College graduates earned an average of 59.4 college credits from MCCC.  Recently, our Middle College was named one of the top high schools in the nation, and last year, our Middle College had the highest average SAT score of any middle college in the state of Michigan. Now that’s nothing to sneeze at!

Everyone knows that I love the Middle College and as I have stated publicly, as long as I am here, they will always have a place here. Because they bring so much vibrancy to our campus and most of them complete their degree here. I know that not everyone agrees with my assessment of the situation, but that does not negate the facts.  Middle College students are leaders in Student Government and various other organizations and they stay here much longer than our traditional students. We are proud of our Middle College, and as we enrich and transform the lives of these students, they enrich and transform our campus.