Campus Safety and Security

As we are all keenly aware, safety on college campuses is a major issue. We do not take it lightly. To ensure greater campus safety, we provided Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate (ALICE) training to all employees a few months ago. While that was a step in the right direction, we have added additional safety equipment. Beyond that, there is so much preventative work and investigation that goes on behind the scenes to ensure a safer campus.

Recently we installed the door latching technology, Bearacade.  Bearacade is a tool that the College has purchased and made available to employees, students, and campus visitors in the event  that “lock down” is a chosen strategy for addressing a dangerous or potentially dangerous situation. As evidenced by the numerous “active shooter” and other dangerous scenarios that have played out over the years at high schools and colleges (as well as other public venues), no entity (including the College) can eliminate all risk regarding such situations. Therefore, it is important to encourage everyone to become knowledgeable about options for counteracting dangerous situations and to actively participate in maintaining their safety. The Bearacade technology is one measure that we have taken, after an extensive review of various technologies and options.

There are several options for effectively utilizing the door latching technology, within the allowance of federal, state and local safety codes. The device may be left on the door but the pin may not be activated until a situation for doing so presents itself; permanently affixing the device on the door would violate safety/fire code. The College continues to explore, on an ongoing basis, methods and technology to provide effective safety measures for all those in the College community, and will continue to inform the College community of such measures.

We ask you to please inform students as to safety measures that are available, and how and when to implement those measures, including Bearacade. If you have any suggestions as to specific measures or technology that the College should consider, we would welcome those suggestions.

The College remains vigilant about campus safety, and will continue to explore and implement proven technologies for counteracting threats to the safety and security of its employees, students, and visitors.


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