Student Speech Class Topics

It’s almost summer, the weather is nice, and I am spending more time walking the campus and visiting offices and classes.

This morning, I spent two hours in Prof. Mark Bergmooser’s Speech class. I heard eleven speeches from eleven students. Out of the eleven topics covered, three were on texting and distracted driving, and two were on organ donation. Topics included: meditation as a stress reducer (I have got to try that some time), texting and driving (I have done that on occasion), organ donation to save lives (I have been one for years because I do not think my organs will be of any use to me after I am dead), Anime’ – a Japanese cartoon (don’t know much about it and seems a little too violent for me), endangered species ( elephants I know are endangered, but wolves too?), Chicken ordinances ( the speaker brought a live chicken to the classroom – this was a layer, so it is meant to lay eggs, not meant for lunch), sex trafficking (and a petition to free a young lady who killed her trafficker/abuser). Each student had six minutes to speak and most used technology of some sort, such as You-tube videos and PowerPoint.

What I enjoy most about my classroom visits is that I always, always, learn something new. The students all did well. As would be expected, they all had different styles and personalities. One or two were strict readers, others were more conversational, and it always helps when they tell a personal story, as many did. I think I will go back on Monday to hear the rest of the presentations.


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