A New Year Message

Dear MCCC Family,
Happy New Year and welcome to a new Winter semester! I hope you all had a happy and restful holiday season full of fun and time with family and loved ones.

As we begin another year, I trust and believe that 2019 will be a positive and eventful year as we build on the momentum from 2018. Indeed, 2018 was replete with challenges, as 2019 will be, however, we know that through our concerted efforts we can and will overcome any challenges that come our way in 2019.  MCCC continues to make progress and create new and exciting programs and opportunities. Here are a few examples:

New Mission, Vision, and Values: Joe Verkenes led the development of the new Mission, Vision and Values for MCCC. All constituents, including, faculty, staff, students, Board, and community were involved in the development of our new Mission, Vision, and Values. This is now being used to develop the new MCCC Strategic Plan, led by Dr. Randy Daniels.

Millage Renovations: As we campaigned for the millage, our CASE focused on Competitive, Accessible, Safe, and Efficient facilities (CASE). The first such space was added to the Life Sciences Building in 2018 – this space is designed to foster student collaboration, as MCCC remains competitive and accessible. Additional renovation has begun on the East and West Tech Buildings, with a focus on student success. This project should be completed in 2019.

New and Exciting Grants – MCCC in 2018, was the beneficiary of several grants. Many of these grants are being implemented in 2019. The grants include three for the Upward Bound Program, a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant, a Welding grant from DTE/Nexus Gas Transmission, the Advance Michigan Catalyst grant from the U.S. Department of Labor for robotics and automation, a Regional Prosperity Initiative grant for Advance Manufacturing Training for adults, continuation of the MDARD Agriculture grant, a Sexual Assault Prevention grant from the Michigan State Police, and the Program to Accelerate Student Success (PASS) grant from DTE Energy to support at-risk students. With the hiring of a part-time grant writer, Cajie D’Cunha, we intend to write, win and implement more grants in 2019.

New and Innovative Programs: we introduced the agriculture program last year and will be introducing a Drone Technology Program through Lifelong Learning in 2019. As the year progresses, we plan on implementing other new and innovative programs such as the Maker Space in the Career Technology Center and a new Middle College partnership with Monroe High School.

None of this would be possible without the dedication, commitment, and support of our faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community. Thank you so much for your support of OUR Monroe County Community College. Here’s to a super-successful winter semester and 2019.







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