Different Lenses

There are over 7.7 billion people in the world, and no two of us are the same. We do not think the same, and so we will disagree on some issues because our backgrounds, experiences, race and ethnicity, religions, professions, etc., may be different. These are the factors that shape our beliefs, behaviors, and how we think.

There is an idiom that says “Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes”.  Or experience his trials and tribulations. It is impossible to know what someone has experienced unless you experience it yourself. How can one truly empathize unless one has lived the experience? When it comes to difficult and painful situations, there is no such thing as a vicarious experience.

Our differences (the definition of diversity) ensure that we do not think the same way and are bound to disagree because our lenses are different. To make any progress, it is important to first seek to understand before being understood. Understanding and tolerance are the hallmarks of progress in this broken and imperfect world.